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Standing at the intersection of Native history, labor, and representation, Picturing Indians presents a vivid portrait of the complicated experiences of Native actors on the sets of midcentury Hollywood Westerns. This behind-the-scenes look at costuming, makeup, contract negotiations, and union disparities uncovers an all-too-familiar narrative of racism and further complicates filmmakers’ choices to follow mainstream representations of “Indianness.”


Liza Black is a citizen of Cherokee Nation, a Visiting Scholar at UCLA's Institute of American Cultures and American Indian Studies Center, and an Associate Professor of History and Native American and Indigenous Studies at Indiana University. She is currently writing How to Get Away with Murder: A Transnational History of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.


"...a radical intervention that turns the tables on the simple vilification of the Hollywood Indian and the settler colonialist ideology imbued within the films."

Andre Seewood, American Indian Quarterly